Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, Xbox One, Pre-order WHO SENT ME THIS TURTLE? I Have a Weird Secret Admirer

We need to figure out who sent this to me. Who is my secret admirer guys? Look at this guy i’m, a spy ninja turtle, hello, who would send a turtle whoa whoa yeah? What are you trying to crawl to buddy? Where are you trying to go? I mean we have to find out […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, Xbox One, Pre-order ple Having A Worse Summer Than You

No sir, sorry, your pc just moved. No. Why is it hanging off the ledge? This is actually painful to watch. It commits pc aside the first time i watch this i’m like is she birthing in the middle of the sidewalk, but no, it is a rat found this way up her skirt and […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts Play games on xCloud (Madden 2020, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Sims 4) gameplay

I have the xbox game pass app fired up here on my android device, specifically the lg v50, and if we have a look at the ea play titles in the console section, you will see that there seems to be pretty much an infinite number of them available. You can just keep on scrolling […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts POKED US IN THE EYE

You know markets today, basically, we’ll see what they’re at we’ll see the cards overall: analyze them, fertilize them and overall that doesn’t sound good. Does it i was, i was going for the rhyme, but you know what sometimes in the things when they, when they’re out your mouth, you realize you want them […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts Keep This And Expand Off This, EA!

Never it never did what it’s doing now. Okay and basically, i was lab in cover two the other day normally when i play against trips tight end if i’m using cover 2 the main adjustment aside. Other adjustments is, i will put this back in safety in a deep middle. I will perhaps put […]


We are back with another video um and today ea has said you can get madden for free. So if you don’t have matin and you have ea play, you can go ahead and download a copy of madden for yourself right and get yourself started. Then you come over here watch my channel. I […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, EA Sports WHY DO YOU HATE US MADDEN 21 TIPS

You got to have a deep rooted hate to do something like this Music what’s up everybody it’s your boy dc duh, welcome in the hater nation. How y’all doing out there guys we are going to get into this today and i’m very very upset with this, because if you don’t necessarily know on […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, EA Sports ghtReacts Broken Controller Montage #6

Give me a fumble. Please give me a phone, something something something something it’s a try, hard bro it’s, just unbelievable bro. This is crazy man, you yeah man. No one buys your bro. I swear bro. Nobody buys your bro. Your company will fall off next year. Bro 2k 2k football is taking over […]

Super Bowl, Madden NFL, American football, Bowl game Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Super Bowl LV | Madden 21 Simulation Highlights

It’S mahomes got his man complete over the Applause. Now an option play on second down to keep up with the defensive end, who’s looking to wreak havoc in the backfield, and he got there and put his man on the ground as we check the next gen stats. You’Ll see working from the gun […]

Super Bowl, Madden NFL, American football, Bowl game CFM Super Bowl *Ravens vs 49ers*

Damn i’m, not 35 views, okay, bro i’m. Looking. Why is my defense pinch like this Applause? Bro yeah? Get it right! Craze, hey chase is a tick tock star all about yeah, but he’s, not he’s, checked out dalvin’s going to baltimore an absolute perfect fit sliding out of the pocket. Applause let’s go […]