Intel, Integrated circuit Global Chip Shortage Causing Delays

Recent japanese sales data shows sony’s dominating the domestic camera market, plus i’ve got photos of the new sony, 40 and 50 millimeter f 2.5 lenses. This and more after the intro Music hi i’m simon thanks for tuning in to the ordinary filmmaker, subscribe to get notification of new videos like this one. So […]

Intel, Integrated circuit MASSIVELY Improve Your PC's Performance for Just $25! (Add an SSD)

I know i know. Admittedly, most computers already do come with some sort of ssd to speed up boot times and application launches, or if you spend enough for possibly even a larger ssd, to store all your games and media on it. But it’s still an important thing to take a look at in […]

Intel, Integrated circuit LIONIX INTERNATIONAL – Hybrid Photonic ICs Enabling New Applications PHOTONICS+2021

I want to tell you something more about linux international and give you some flavor of highlights of application models that can be made without photonic and red circuit technology. My name is alma lanza i’m, the ceo of ionics international and i hope to tell you more and show you nice examples in the […]

Central processing unit, Intel ATOMIC from AeroCool Intel 10 gen custom Pc build

We have a new build again: um 10 generation i5, not a new graphic card. Of course. In this time you can find the new one, but we have a good one from power: color red devil, eric’s. 574 gigs. I think it’s strong enough for our cpu okay it’s about case uh atomic aerocool […]


Today we have some interesting information, so obviously right now, a lot of people cannot get their hands on the 3060. The brand new 360, 30 60 ti 30, 70, 30, 80, 30, 90 and obviously everything on amd side to a big navi. So a lot of people are upset about this. Well, we […]

Intel, Central processing unit, Side-channel attack, Computer security Take This COMPUTER Quiz to Test Your Knowledge!

. I know everybody loves quizzes and computers, so I compiled a mostly multiple choice: quiz where you can test your knowledge about computers and see, if youre, the computer master, that you think you are. The way this quiz works is the questions are mostly multiple choice and the Questions get progressively harder as […]