Tesla, Inc., Elon Musk, Artificial intelligence, Robot veils plans for Humanoid robot at 2021 Tesla AI Day

All right! Thank you now, unlike unlike dojo. Obviously that was not real, so dojo is real uh the tesla bot will be real um, but basically, if you think about what were doing right now with the cars uh, tesla is arguably the worlds biggest robotics company, because our cars are like semi sentient […]

Tesla, Inc., Elon Musk, Artificial intelligence, Robot 's AI Day – What Might Be Unveiled?

You can also follow me on twitter and talk to me on patreon, now im trying to be careful not to let my imagination run too wild but its difficult to contain the excitement about ai day. I really hope this doesnt just come off as some empty hyperbole and at worst just something to […]

Tesla, Inc., Elon Musk, Artificial intelligence, Robot Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Bot in 10 minutes

We think well probably have a prototype sometime next year. That basically looks like this and its intended to be friendly, of course, and navigate through a world built for humans and eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks were setting it such that it is um at a mechanical level. At a physical level, you […]

Tesla, Inc., Tesla Autopilot, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Can Your Trucking Business Survive Automation?

I know a lot of brothers and sisters who are doing very well in the trucking business. I applaud them for the six figure incomes theyve achieved that have given them a good sense of independence. One of my first computer jobs in college was for a trucking company who didnt know he was grossing […]

Tesla, Inc., Tesla Autopilot, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Beating Other EV Supercharger Stations

The volkswagen group in 2017 announced that they would offer 80 new electric vehicles across their brands by 2025 and electric versions of every one of its models by 2030.. In the same year, gm went public with plans to put at least 20 new electric models on the road by 2023 theyre, not alone […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus San Diego's top stories for June 14

Everyone glad you’re with us here: i’m eric connor, i’m stella scabido we’ll get to the heat in just a moment. But first we are getting word of a 3.3 magnitude earthquake. It happened just before 5 30. This morning, eight miles north northeast of borrego springs. So far, no reports of any injuries or […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus highly effective vs COVID-19: #WakeUpCLT To Go 6/14/21

We’Ll get to the news in just a moment, but first let’s get a check of that forecast with larry sprinkle and it’s going to be a warm week. Larry it’s going to be a hot, especially today, close to 90 degrees, maybe in the low to mid 90s in a couple spots, rock hill, […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus Former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb on post-vaccine heart inflammation symptoms

joining us right now is dr scott gottlieb he’s former fda commissioner, and a cnbc contributor. He also serves on the boards of both pfizer and illumina his new book, uncontrolled spread by covid19, crushed us and how we can defeat. The next pandemic is out in september, dr gottlieb. This is pretty concerning report. […]

FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO, PlayStation 4 R. CROW TAKE ME AWAY | Dark Souls Part 14

I just lost 18 thousand sauce. I just lost 18 000 souls. I just lost 18 000 souls. I just lost 18 000 Music Applause. Souls, hey everybody! Before this video starts. I want to remind everyone that everything you see here was previously streamed live, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon […]

FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO, PlayStation 4 ELDEN RING am 10.Juni Summer Game Show – From Software News [German/Deutsch]

Fest statt zweimal dmpfer ist warum sollten uns darauf freuen da nimmt man, ein namco, teil ja, das, wird von josh, kelley, gemacht und mglicherweise, werden wir, dort alten ring sehen das event, findet statt am 11. Mit am 11, am 10 juni um 11 uhr fr uns ist es 20 uhr 20 uhr in […]