Mars 2020, Jezero, Impact crater NASA Mars rover landing: ESA shares stunning video of Perseverance landing site

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Mars 2020, Jezero, Impact crater : Landing on Mars

Nasa has landed on the red planet in 40 years. It is incredibly difficult to land a spacecraft on another planet and nasa wants to send humans to mars one day in the not too distant future. So i’ve asked entry, descent and landing expert michelle monk, just what it is that makes landing on […]

Mars 2020, Jezero, Impact crater Crater and more! NASA scientist explains Perseverance mission

All you know anxious, of course, about the landing and i just can’t wait to see those first images of the surface of mars at our new landing site. Absolutely now the rover is set to land february 18th in jezreel crater. I know there were a few other contenders for the landing site. What […]