IGN, 2021, E3 Dead Space RETURNING At E3 2021

How are you doing i’m, just not doing too bad at all dead? Space, though, is the thing we need to talk about, because big old ea back on the road again might be something that you’re interested in, and it seems that there’s some rumors flying in regards to e3 and obviously you know […]

IGN, 2021, E3 Top 10 Games of IGN Expo 2021 | E3 2021 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X|S

What are you talking about? I could tell things that would turn your whole life upside down, but i don’t want that. I can’t have you falling apart don’t, you understand, i need you. What are you saying? I need you here: you’re going to help me save her eager chernobylite opens a door to […]

2021, IGN, E3 Tunic Hands-On: 5 Reasons This Charming Zelda-Like Needs to Be on Your Radar

The same demo has been making the rounds for many moons, but one man developer andrew scholdice’s, absolutely adorable fox and his zelda, like adventure is finally almost ready and we got an exclusive hands on with the all new e3 2021 demo that’s coming to your xbox on June 15th – here are five […]

IGN, 2021 The Ascent 12-minute Gameplay with Developer Commentary | IGN Summer of Gaming 2021

I want this fixed, get it done before end of cycle and i’ll throw in a juicy bonus, so that’s, poon and he’s your boss. You are watching the ascent and my name is arcade and i’m. One of the co founders and creative directors of neon giant neon giant is a new small studio […]

IGN, 2021 Elden Ring Has a Plot Synopsis… But What Does It Mean? – IGN Daily Fix

It’S e3 time today, we’re talking about the new plot synopsis for elden ring ps5 and xbox series x, updates to jedi fallen order and how fallout 76 is ditching one of its game modes, so shift the hype machine into high gear and strap yourself in with a Five point harness cause: we’re about […]

IGN, 2021 Xbox Boss Not Impressed With PlayStation's PC Strategy – IGN Daily Fix

I don’t know who, who do we know that? Does that yeah y’all know now in a developer update video shown to press this week. Spencer said that xbox is currently quote the only platform shipping games on console, pc and cloud simultaneously, and he went on to say quote: others bring console games to […]

2021, IGN, E3 very Reveal From Summer Game Fest Kick-Off Show in 7 Minutes – Summer of Gaming 2021

Fest kickoff live Music, hello, mystery guest, hello, death, stranding, director’s cut, finally confirmed i’m here to welcome you to a very different world. It’S a world so called evolved Music hi, everyone, i’m shuhei yoshida. She could release today and give players the chance to experience a coloring book style Music, world Music. They […]

2021, IGN, E3 Horizon Forbidden West Not Held Back by PS4, Devs Say – IGN Daily Fix

This is your daily fix. The news that the sequel to 2018’s, god of war, is coming to both ps5 and ps4, caused quite a stir recently, on the one hand, that’s good news for ps4 owners who haven’t gotten a ps5, yet on the other, some fans are concerned that making sure it Runs […]

Square Enix, IGN, E3, 2021 verything to expect at E3 2021 … This Week in PC Gaming

You want the show to press on screen press that press that press the thing on please. We have a lot to get through i’m, serious, okay, it’s, not funny congrats to all very, very brave games and updates coming out the week of digital e3. I salute you wave break out june 11th, it’s […]

Square Enix, IGN, E3, 2021 : tutte le conferenze e gli orari

I titoli pi attesi dell’anno. Dallo showcase di Microsoft, e Bethesda al nuovo Ubisoft Forward dal Summer Game Fest al PC Gaming Show dal Nintendo Direct all’IGN Expo ecco la lista, completa degli appuntamenti, che avremo modo di seguire e commentare anche sul nostro canale Twitch Multiplayerit., Si parte Gioved 10 giugno 2021 alle 20 […]