Neanderthal, Human s Mysteriously Appeared 200,000 Years Ago | Gregg Braden

So for me, when the evidence no longer supports the story, it’s time for a new story, hence the new human story. It is the peer reviewed science that’s, showing us that the physical evidence does not support the story that we are all being told. We are steeped in this story of darwin’s idea […]

Neanderthal, Human The Structural Similarities between Humans and Neanderthals

Oh yeah yeah it’s it’s a it’s a lot longer you’re right, but that is one of the things. But just but you’ll see that i mean i i’m i’m, the guy. You know, because of my fringe pop channel i’ve read all the literature, but you know king tut and his family and all […]

Neanderthal, Human Could Neanderthals have been smarter than humans?

This is why we’re much weaker than other apes, but number two. What this primarily allows us to do is conserve energy energy that can then be used by our brains, neanderthals and by extension. Denisovans have often been categorized as being generally stronger and more robust than anatomically. Modern humans, could it then be […]

Human, Israel, Human evolution, Neanderthal, Ramla 100,000 Year Old Ancient Human Bones Discovered in Israel

We meet a 100 000 year old human, getting pumped for the women’s state of origin and how this tortoise finally found love. Archaeologists in israel have discovered the bones of a mysterious ancient human that lived more than 100 000 years ago. They say the find could tell us a bit more about how […]