The Witcher, Netflix, Henry Cavill – No 1 Rosemary Water

We are turning our minds finally to harnessing that power, whether it be through solar, wind or hydroelectric. There is, however, one piece of nature which we’re not quite harnessing properly yet, and that is how to power the biomechanical machines that we live in our bodies. What on earth am i doing on a […]

The Witcher, Netflix, Henry Cavill S2 Geralt Teaser Trailer Explained (The Witcher Season 2, Geralt Teaser Breakdown)

Today we are breaking down the second teaser for the witcher season. Two, this teaser focuses on geralt of rivia, but like the first teaser that focused on siri, there is not a whole lot of context, but i was still able to get some info from the teaser. The first set of pictures we […]

The Witcher, Netflix, Henry Cavill Season 2 Teasers Breakdown

I don’t know maybe 20 minutes: okay, let’s start with the geralt teaser. So first we see geralt walking down a dark hallway. He has his sword out, so obviously he’s facing some kind of danger, you’ll also notice that he has the bandage around his leg. He had this bandage around his leg, from […]