Hearthstone, Playing card Ranking Every "Word" Card in Hearthstone

What does that mean? You know those cards that read like forbidden words, which i think i have included yes, um shadowboard pain, shadow about ruin, power world, something all those words well um. One of your comments was like hey make it here list of those and well here we are about two weeks […]

Hearthstone, Playing card 19 New Revealed Cards from the Blizzcon live stream – Hearthstone

Plus three damage chain. Lightning is a shaman nature spell. It deals, two damage to a minion and a random adjacent one, but there’s more it’s also ranked spell meaning it upgrades. When you have five mana and again at 10 mana, so they remain useful in the early mid and late game, sometimes it’s […]

Hearthstone, Playing card 1 MANA JARAXXUS?! | Top Custom Cards of the Week #85 | Hearthstone

It’S every adventure needs four mana, shuffle the components to every good story into your deck. Now the compliments are the chosen one, five minute: four: five rush: divine shield, taunt wind theory, the bad guy, a five minute; five, five battlecry with someone, two two, two goons and the love interest. The two minute […]

Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment, Expansion pack – Best of Unlucky Moments

Four right! Someone off Music, Music, so Music, um, Music, foreign, Music, don’t, Music. Now then Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YtOOOyMsAI

Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment, Expansion pack – Best of Insane Funny Moments

He doing what is this Music he’s dancing? Oh, i died: Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, oh Music, that’s, a shame! Music! Wait! Never wait! What am i saying? We have the full comp. I just realized: okay, um, Music. Okay, we’ll still win it’s fine, we just Music out. Oh there, it is […]

Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment, Expansion pack Ranking Every Expansion Gimmick in Hearthstone

Every single expansion, i think, has like a keyboard right, like let’s, say inspire, maybe it’s a life steal there’s, something new in every single expansion, but there are also gimmicks like spell stones or cards that are just across classes like let’s, say primes recently. But those are not keywords: they’re, just things we […]

Hearthstone, Expansion pack, Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft Should I Disenchant My Hearthstone Classic Collection After Rotation? Yes, But No!

Hearthstone will see huge changes in the next few weeks.. Firstly, we will get a new Classic Format.. Secondly, huge changes are coming to the Standard format.. Finally, details about a completely new game mode will come soon.. Today, we want to talk about the changes and fate of classic cards.. Well, also try to […]

Hearthstone, Expansion pack, Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft The BIGGEST Carnival Clown EVER! Game Breaking Combo! | Hearthstone

First, going to start by playing a summoning portal, then we’re going to play necrotic, geist and we’re going to give that guys. Plus one spell damage with ethereal og merchant, then we’re going to give the guys the immune effect via death speaker. Then we play spirit of the bat and we also give […]

Hearthstone, Expansion pack, Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft "QUILL YOU BE READY" *NEW* Hearthstone Expansion Sneak Peek and Discussion

Before i continue on with the video i just want to say. I appreciate all the criticism on reddit and in the comment section, it allows me to make my content better for future videos and with the hearthstone news as frequently as it is of now i’m trying to be on top of it […]