Hearth, Steam, Technology roadmap, 2021 Ultimate Valheim Damage Guide

So it recently occurred to me that there is a ton of misinformation out there about how damage works in this game. So today, we’re going to cover pretty much everything you need to know about how damage works, the different damage types, what the colors of the numbers mean and all of that good […]

Hearth, Steam, Technology roadmap, 2021 CRYPTO NEWS: CARDANO and COTI vs. ETHEREUM and PAYPAL (Part 1 of 3)

Today we have a good treat for you, i’m, going to dig into cody and the cody price and what i believe cody could do in the future. I believe there’s huge potential behind cody and we’re, going to take a look at that first i’d, like to welcome you aboard, i see there’s a […]

Hearth, Steam, Technology roadmap, 2021 Valheim – HOW TO DECORATE THE MEDIUM HOUSE – A HELPFUL GUIDE – NEW PLAYER TUTORIAL

Had a lot of people ask me about decorating the medium house, so i thought i would go ahead and do that now. The medium house was something that i did about a week back that showed you how to make a medium sized house in valheim, and a lot of people have built this […]