Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2021 ncredible Goodwood Timed Shootout winners | Festival of Speed best of

51 seconds to 100 meters and dan collins Get this radical lotus, 88 twin chassis, grand prix car under the 52nd mark Applause, Music, Music, series, Music: this is my dark horse and he’s been driving with jordan with his own young gundam he’s been training in this new chevron, which is very evocative indeed. […]

Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2021 Electric jetpacks and more at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed Future Lab

Where is my jetpack? Well it’s right here. In fact, gravity industries have been making them for quite some time and if you have deep pockets, you’ve been able to buy one and fly around your estate for a few years, but at the future lab this year, gravity industries is showing off the next […]

Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2021 BEST OF DAY 1 – Valkyrie, SCV12, Chiron Pur Sport, MC20, SCG 007 Etc

You know over six leaders, only 12 it’s got you don’t need too much, though. Music this morning, yes, absolutely, i was actually Music, so Music road cars. For the meantime, do you think Music, foreign Music with you drove a sport Music Music? This year, Music, quick car, very clean marty. Richards drives one […]