Geomagnetic storm, Earth, Solar flare Fire in the Water, Major White Coverup Details | S0 News July.12.2021

com, and we find the last Day on the sun was full of minor motions, filaments are dancing, coronal hole. Turning through on the south and the departing active region on the north continues firing after it has disappeared over the limb onto the far side. One of the southern filaments tried to erupt in […]

Geomagnetic storm, Earth, Solar flare What are ‘solar flares’ and why do they occur?

Indian time. At about 8 pm, there was a huge solar flare from the sun. It was a large, powerful solar flare and it released a tremendous amount of energy. This flare then caused a strong radio blackout over the atlantic ocean. This was the first large flare of the current solar cycle and was […]

Geomagnetic storm, Earth, Solar flare July 13&14 could disrupt GPS , mobile phone signals n satellite TV.WE GO HOME SOON!

This is from india today it’s from 16 hours ago, massive solar storm set to hit earth gps phone signals likely to be damaged, power grids, vulnerable awesome. The massive solar flare is expected to hit satellites operating in the earth’s upper atmosphere, impact the gps, navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite tv. So it’s […]

Earth, Geomagnetic storm, Solar flare Colossal is About to Happen With the Sun

That could kick start. The next solar cycle into high gear it’s referred to as a termination event according to physicists from the national center for atmospheric research. The concept of a termination event is something that many researchers had previously never heard of, because it is relatively new in solar physics, but this is […]

Earth, Geomagnetic storm, Solar flare The First X-Flare of Solar Cycle 25 | Space Weather News 07.06.2021

That could pick activity right back up again. Those stories and more in the news this week, Music, this space weather forecast, is sponsored in part by millersville university. Come get certified in broadcast space weather visit, swen space weather this week has been a total game changer. As we take a look at […]

Earth, Geomagnetic storm, Solar flare How Dangerous are Solar Storms?

. It was during the most intense part of the Cold War.. On that day, the American Missile Warning System designed to detect threats coming from the Soviet Union suddenly stopped working. Radar stations at all sites in the Northern Hemisphere seemed to be jammed.. Officials of the U.S. Air Force thought that the Soviet […]