Geoff Keighley Will Summer Game Fest Be BETTER Than E3 2021?

A bold claim i teased it. I said i was going to do this in yesterday’s video, so today’s the day i purposely you know. I try to plan this out uh properly, where you know we get this video and then summer, game fest is a little bit later today, uh. So i want […]

Geoff Keighley Summer Game Fest 2021: Hades Performance (Day of the Devs)

Music is Music. All falls away in time, Music, goodbye to all the plans that we make no contracts. I am free to do as i may. No hunger, Music, Music, good Music, they’ve gone Music to farewell to all the earthly remains no burdens. No Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, the weight of the […]

Geoff Keighley Summer Game Fest 2021: We Are OFK Performance (Pre-Show)

If i stay on the Music Applause, sorry for the follow, unfollow i’ll be on my best behavior by tomorrow. Music, i just wan na dance, so i just wan na dance with you Music. Every time i can’t talk every time. I can tell you i just wan na dance with you, but you […]

E3, 2021, Geoff Keighley tiene competencia, que esperar y los horarios Xbox Nintendo y más| MightyRengar

He hecho mi tarea y les. He trado la mayor parte de esta informacin pero adems tenemos que hablar sobre la situacin de cada una de las compaas, ms importantes que podemos esperar de ellos y en qu posicin se encuentran y por ltimo tambin observar qu pasa con el e3 pues parece que este […]

E3, 2021, Geoff Keighley LDEN RING Trailer will be Shown on JUNE 10th

There seems to be a lot of insider information, that’s not being handed out to the public yet, and i want to talk about a lot of signs of that and why i’m, like 99.99 sure we’ll, see elden ring at summer games fest, but as always before, we Dive into the video go ahead […]


As usual, my name is jake baldino here to talk about all the video game, news that has been going on this week, there’s a lot to get you caught up on and it feels kind of like the calm before the storm. Next week, e3 starts rolling out. All these events from all these […]