Galaga Plataforma Makecode Galaga

Para aquellos que tuvieron algn detalle y no pudieron hacerlo durante la clase vamos, a trabajarlo bueno lo primero que tenemos que hacer es conocer las partes el primero es un un emulador entonces nos van, a ir apareciendo todo. Lo que programamos y la segunda es nuestra caja de herramientas nuestra tool box, donde […]

Galaga : Mini Arcade by My Arcade

It says so right there, my arcade is the galaga love this game. I know it shows blue to you on your tv or on your uh cell phone, but in actuality. What i see here this is dark. Black it’s got real good graphics, a little bit about the game. It takes four aaa […]

Galaga Let's play some Galaga on my Arcade1up

I’Ve had some people ask me about my galaga machine from arcade one up, and i thought you know what let’s go ahead and let’s play a little gal. Quick video tonight let’s play a little galaxy. We can do here, guys i’m, not the greatest, but i do enjoy playing Music let’s see how […]