Fortnite, Llama, Battle royale game SEASON 7 XP GLITCH (How To Level Up FAST!)

Seven, if you don’t drop a like, you will have bad luck, so don’t risk it in today’s brand new fortnite season, seven chapter, two video i’m gon na, be showing you guys how to level up fast in fortnite season 7.. Yes, in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys a fortnite, […]

Fortnite, Llama, Battle royale game Season 7: Tilted Towers, Llamas Are ALIVE, New SHOTGUN Meta!

Video it’s 12 45 a.m. Downtime still going on, but man have. I got a lot of info for you about season. Seven you’ll learn something new we’re going in details about the new weapons. The new meta, the new map and uh stick around for me, touch that, like button, if you’re excited also […]

Fortnite, Llama, Battle royale game Streamers LOVE The New WALKING LLAMAS & Season 7! SypherPK VS x2Twins In A 2v1 BOXING MATCH!

My drop is too this llama’s going mate. I don’t even care they have to please what the where are you going? This is beautiful. This is beautiful. This is what we needed. This is what we needed. Oh my it’s, so lucky, oh, my god, i like it. I like it. I like it. […]

Fortnite, Rubber duck, Duck ALL WEEK 1 CHALLENGES! Place Rubber Duckies & Collect IO Tech Weapons [Fortnite Season 7]

Today, the new season came out and with that a new set of challenges, let’s start with the first epic quest. You need to collect different weapon types, not that hard, but you just need to be a little bit lucky get yourself a sniper ar shotgun, smg, pistol or rocket launcher to get this […]

Fortnite, Rubber duck, Duck How to Complete All Week 1 Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7! (Epic & Legendary Quests)

If you wan na support me, whilst buying anything in your phone item shop, then consider entering my support great code in your item shop also, this is season. 7 battle pass giveaway going on right now. I will choose the winner later on today. If you want to enter it, all you need to […]

UEFA EURO 2020, Fortnite, Epic Games "…dann raste ich richtig aus!" 😅 | KAI HAVERTZ in "AUF DIE SÄTZE, FERTIG, LOS" | Throwback-Edition

Ready, Steady Speak. My first name backwards is Iak.. When I think back to my first competitive game for Bayer 04, It makes me happy.. Perhaps my best game to date for Leverkusen was In the Europa League against I dont know Ludogorets. I think I cant remember exactly.. Definitely the one where I scored […]


As que cada. Esquina nos tenemos que juntar en l y merino y darnos las ofrendas que tenemos an no lleva un regalo para el otro para demostrar nuestra amistad y destruiremos, a todos los humanos y aparte un to que hay en la torre en especial tiene especial que. Lo queremos machacar y ser […]


Finally, but where were you V, But you know played a bit here and a bit J? Yes, but the missions V, But so when does the season end excuse? J June 8th V Here is June, 8th, so …, oh god, I have to move J Idiot, come on fast parts, V, Sure, but […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Extraterrestrial life Chapter 2 Season 7 – UFO Event (Trailer)

Farmers of the fortnite island woke up to a mysterious disappearance of their crops, setting the stage for cropped circles. Now, if you don’t know what crop circles are, there are mysterious patterns made by aliens dvd players with tapes are sent by epic games to different content. Creators of crop circles and mysterious symbols. […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Extraterrestrial life ALIENS in FORTNITE!!

It has been leaked very soon, we’re going to have aliens coming to fortnite. We don’t know what they want, but apparently there’s going to be ufos and a lot of weird things are going to start happening in fortnight. So today me and my buddy tweeks are gon na, be preparing for this alien […]