Fortnite, Harry Kane, Marco Reus, England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Epic Games & Marco Reus Arrive in Fortnite + UEFA Euro 2020 Cup Details!

I mean now we’re starting to see books collabing with fortnite we’re, starting to see rick and morty collabing. Before i mean, basically, anything can collab with fortnite nowadays as long as it fits in well, which apparently, everything does now in today’s. Video we’ll be talking about two brand new icon series skins, a […]

Fortnite, Battle pass, Epic Games *NEW* SEASON 7 BATTLEPASS TIER 100 UNLOCKED!

Looking damn good superman aliens, ufos, rick and morty there’s a bunch more stuff, but this video we’re focusing on fully unlocking the new season. Seven battle pass, which they’ve changed? How it works so let’s check it out, remember to use code fresh to support your boy. What the what is, what is going […]

Fortnite, Battle pass, Epic Games der *NEUE* SEASON 7 BATTLE PASS 100% Freigeschaltet!

So das was das: besonders fr, mich das, beste ist ihr habt, so einen eigenen, customizing sin, dann gibt es einmal die bonus, belohnungen und die, bonus, belohnungen, bekommt, ihr, durch battle, sterne ist oben leute, ich habe jetzt 500 battle stars weil, ich mir hat alles frei geschaltet Habe und extra durch gekauft habe […]

Fortnite, Battle pass, Epic Games SEASON 7 BATTLE PASS

Der e komm in meinen sie natrlich dass die aliens, kommen sie, sind, sozusagen, auf dem, weg und werden, mit dass diesen sieben endlich ins, spiel kommen, ich meine falls, sie jetzt, schon, mal vor ort nicht gespielt habt, dann ist euch bestimmt schon aufgefallen dass die ein und Anderen science in der public lobby, […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game, Player *NEW* SEASON 7 FORTNITE

That’S code x2. Twins, if you want to support us, okay, so first things. First, oh the names are purple. Oh look up! Ah that thing is that thing is massive bro all right, let’s go first game. We got a copper dub come on first game season, seven, where are the ufos, though? Oh […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game, Player MY FIRST WIN! … (Chapter 2 Season 7 MAX Battle Pass)

Seven, and let me just say right now guys this season is actually a banger. It has seriously been such a long time since we’ve had a good season, and i can confidently say that this season is gon na be insane, and if you guys haven’t already gotten the battle pass, please be sure […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game, Player My First Win Of Season 7… (New Battle Pass)

Seven is finally here. If you guys enjoyed this video, please be sure to spam. The like for season. Seven hype drop us up. If you guys are new anyways enjoyed the video boys. Oh, my god, baby look at the map. The spawn island looks so different dude. I know chavez. This is actually […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game fortnite season 7 is EPIC!

On top of that, we’ve got some awesome skins. New map changes. You can drive super overpowered ufos but, most importantly, the best change ever llamas can now move they’re alive and they poop out exotics and awesome overpowered. Loot, guys i’m gon na need you to like this video and subscribe right now, because […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game Season 7 Bosses, Mythic Weapons Location Guide (Boss Dr Slone)

. If you are new around here, don’t forget to subscribe roughly 98 of you guys watching this video right now, aren’t subscribed and it’d mean the world to me. We can get to 350, 000 and don’t forget guys pop in code postbox car into your item shop before you buy the season. Seven […]

Fortnite, Battle royale game My First Win of Season 7! (Full Battle Pass) Fortnite Gameplay

Just doesn’t stop coming superman’s in the game, there’s! So much going on right now and if it’s war they want we’ll give it to us. Oh my goodness. What are those little alien things bro? I hope i can drive a ufo. I really hope i can drive ufo that looks so. Fire bro […]