Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite w making Assassins Creed a live service platform inspired by Fortnite & GTA online sigh

This sounds like with every company. They have a successful run of single player games and they want to make a multi player. Have some multi player influence in them? That is definitely signs of concern like especially when i did that when i did that with mass effect. I started onto the mass effect […]

Fortnite, LeBron James, Epic Games, Los Angeles Lakers, Battle royale game NEW 4TH OF JULY PROMO COMING SOON TO NBA LIVE MOBILE

That will be coming this sunday. We will get leaks for the promo like entirely on um on saturday, but nick accidentally revealed a 4th of july card, which is the carmelo anthony seeing the thumbnail. He accidentally showed him while he was um switching to show us the light past players and i was […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games I Spent 50 Hours In Prison

There gets the wall i’m just gon na do what he says. I am officially locked in prison with no lift how’s. It going not good. Basically me nolan and all my other friends agreed to spend 50 hours in prison how’s it going boys. I feel right at home, just so we’re clear. We […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games 20 UNLUCKIEST Fortnite Moments

Oh wow, this bird will help me destroy the ufo wow. Oh geez, wow, i’m missing a lot. Oh, my god. Okay, i promise i’ll never do that again, but if this is only the number 20 spot, then how much worse gon na get at number 19.. This is plot x1 and he spots […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games Week 4 LEGENDARY Quest GUIDE | Clues at The Farm, Doomsday Guide, and MORE!

So you can get your hands on an extra 165 000 xp. Oh, what is up i’m crown nebula and welcome to the week four legendary quest guide. I will be going over where you can find clues at the farm farmer, steel’s favorite places where to place missing person signs where you can find […]

Fortnite, Missing person I lost.

I lost i’m, not a boxer i’m, just gon na stick to my tick: tock youtube: i’m back baby we’re back on the vlog wave, apparently that’s. The only thing i’m good at i’ve been kind of down recently because i obviously took the fattest l of 2021 so to cheer myself up. I had […]

Fortnite, Missing person All Week 4 LEGENDARY QUEST Locations (Search The Farm For Clues, Favorite Places, Doomsday Guide)

This is the first clue right over here near this red vehicle, and the next clue you got ta look for is right between the two trees near his house. The location on the map is exactly right here, where the camera is, and the first one was down here so yeah. This is stills […]

Fortnite, Missing person We solved a missing person case on stream

You know so people don’t add us, which you know. I think y’all know my epic, but these guys i don’t want them to be added by people questioning them so yeah, seven, zero, nine, four yo! If i get up you’re, getting blocked, you’re getting you’re getting your career done. Okay, what is it? […]

Fortnite, Harry Kane, Marco Reus, England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Epic Games & Reus Join The Icon Series On June 11 & Compete In The UEFA Euro Cup on June 16 – (Fortnite)

So i’ve recorded this video like five different times, trying to pronounce everything – and i kept on saying you’re like row and like a bunch of stuff like that, so uh it’s been a kind of stressful, so um anyways also soccer players. Well, i think it’s soccer, i mean i see the soccer […]

Fortnite, Harry Kane, Marco Reus, England national football team, UEFA EURO 2020, Epic Games W TO GET NEW HARRY KANE SKIN IN FORTNITE!

If you want v books here in fortnite before we get started with today’s video, i would like to let you guys know: i am gifting my subscribers free battle passes and free skins and any cosmetic from the item shop. If you want to receive a gift, simply subscribe to the channel turn all […]