Fortnite, Epic Games, Bunker Oh No. Bunker in Fortnite. It's real. Check in!!

Okay, guys quick update uh. So this is the house you come here. You see these stairs. It looks nice, then you go up, see this. It looks nice it’s better than before, we’re still working on it and then time for the jorge pool. So basically we just grab one from something from here […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Bunker COMPLETE Story of *RISKY REELS* in Fortnite (Evolution Meteor Crash to Zero Point)

The world will never be the same: Music brace for impact Music, Music, Music, Music, more Music, Music, Music, Music, hello, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Thank you, Music.

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Bunker ALL WEEK 9 Challenges | HIDDEN BUNKER & BLACK BOX | Chapter 2 Season 5

That includes find a hidden bunker, find the crash planes, black box, emoted stone statues and much more roll. The intro Music, what is up crown clan i’m crown nebula and welcome to the week 9 epic quest guide this week. We actually have some decent challenges that will award you 140 000 xp before […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game, Bunker Um Bunker Secreto ??? (Tarefa Épica Da Semana 9) – Fortnite

Se, voc j sabia que tinha esse banco secreto aqui mas fica aqui vou j quebrar aqui aqui ele aqui ento isso aqui, l, ponto de referncia t um ponto de interrogao aqui bem Onde que eu t para vocs: aqui o primeiro banco secreto, Voc, pode, encontrar, vou Mostrar para vocs: mais dois que […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Australian Football League How To REGISTER For Pele Cup! 10 NEW Tournaments! (WIN FREE SKINS!)

If you want to play and there’s no official links posted by fortnite to register for these tournaments, but you already know guys – i got you so stick around for that. So fortnite just partnered up with pele, who is a legendary soccer player, and we can win literally free skins by playing this […]


We got some brand new fortnite news if you guys do like fortnite or any epic game. If you could consider to use my support of creator code, dad’s hyphen commentary in your item shop or when you purchase epic games, i would appreciate it in this video. We are going to explain the fortnight […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Australian Football League *NEW* How to Get FREE V-Bucks & Unlock Punt Spray – Fortnite AFL Community Battles!

We have got some more awesome news from fortnight today, and this is about fortnight community battles. This video is to go through everything you need to know about fortnite community battles. Remember i cover this type of topic, all the time so do subscribe. If you want to know all about the upcoming events […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game ST FORTNITE ADVENTURE MAP! | Tales Of The Explorer (Fortnite Creative)

Yo. I want to go explo. I know the spot. I love to have you come with me, but this adventure is too dangerous. Yo i’m going to search for the lost kingdom and when i find it we’ll be famous okay, now be a good little explorer and keep mommy safe. Until i return […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game Just Said THIS About Mobile and Console… (bad news)

We are back again here with another video. Now, today, boys was an absolute crazy day for news in terms of fortnite, mainly in the realm of competitive and just the future of epic games, and how they’re going to be treating both mobile and console moving forward. Now, normally i don’t bring console stuff […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game 15 FUNNIEST Fortnite Moments

So get your roast beef ready and smash the like, because it’s about to go down number 15 pure chaos. When ronaldo was getting some games in on his twitch stream. He loaded into a fortnight match with his teammate. It seemed like a normal match until an actual legion of players flew into pleasant […]