For Honor, Ubisoft, April Fools’ Day day update

I guess i’m gon na get ganked yeah yeah all right. Oh god corner! Oh god, damn it Music, Music man, he’s! Not he going to revenge, one twice yeah! He might actually be okay! Yeah! Yes, here i’ll revive you! No! I can’t because oh wait is teammate, get him off of me. Oh […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, Xbox One, Patch le HEROE AZTECA? | For Honor |

No s lo que ustedes se imaginan y ustedes estn diciendo qu te pasa en tierra que ests delirando ya, ni, siquiera comenz la primera temporada del ao, 5 y esto es algo que es muy personal o sea esto. Es algo que lo pienso desde mi punto de vista y quiero compartirlo con todos […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, Xbox One, Patch R HONOR SHINOBI REWORK?

Now, i’ve noticed in the comments down below that. A lot of you guys have been talking about shinobi and how he needs to rework and why? Why is shinobi not getting reworked? Why is he not even being considered for a rework, and today i just want to talk a little bit about my […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, Xbox One, Patch R HONOR – Number 1 Ranked Lawbringer Vs Number 1 Ranked Gladiator On Xbox!

Today we will also be having another hitman video. So if you haven’t done so already make sure to subscribe to the channel and bell notifications turn on so don’t miss any of my videos, youtube says: 75 percent of you are not subscribed the channel, which is crazy because you watch my videos anyway, […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, PlayStation 4, Patch, Xbox One – S H A M E –

I have changed the chess piece, though i’ve just been uh. I was just messing around with them a little bit but yeah old g warden 2.0. I guess yeah. We got the uh new execution, there’s uh, i think there’s, four different ones, all right, i’ll get the wall spot option slap, maybe no, […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, PlayStation 4, Patch, Xbox One R HONOR YEAR 5-WARDEN REWORK-NEW EMOTES AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

Today we are back with some more for honor news. Now, if you missed the live stream of the warriors den, then i am here to give you a brief of what there is to talk about. I watched the whole live stream and even film bits of it, because i wanted to get some […]

For Honor, Ubisoft, PlayStation 4, Patch, Xbox One 5 Is Amazing! [Orochi 60 FPS]

Make sure you guys subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. But i heard that the ps5 version came from update became available for for honor, which gives you 60 frames, 4k. All the graphical updates and i was like. Finally, i can go back to my ps4 account with my roach, with my reps with my […]