Google Pixel, Android, Fingerprint Scanner 2 XL Review (2021) – Still a Great Option in 2021?!

This is a flagship phone made by google that was released in 2017.. I wanted to know how the pixel 2 xl holds up in 2021, so naturally i’ve been using this as my daily driver for a good two weeks now, and i want to share with you guys my thoughts and overall experience. […]

Google Pixel, Android, Fingerprint Scanner 4a 5G: (3 Months Later) | Almost-Perfect but Underrated Phone? | Long Term Review

This is peter james, looking for a phone that’s, just right for you this 2021. But let me first ask this question: what makes a great phone in your opinion, if you ask me it must have an amazing display, great and long battery life best in class camera, most importantly, the budget price and […]

Google Pixel, Android, Fingerprint Scanner VS

For so many it was the perfect phone stock. Android worked like a dream. The cameras were way ahead of its time, and for a few years there pixel phones were romanticized as the gold standard uh. You know until they just weren’t anymore. However, now we’re in this, like golden age of smartphones, where, […]