Finance, Environmental, social and corporate governance SG in a service ManCo: What is ESG? Why ESG?

What is esg esg environment, social governance risks is concepts that include various sustainability factors. Those related to overall climate change, impacts, mitigation and adaption environmental management practices and resilient duty of care, working and safety condition, respect for human rights, anti bribery and corruption, practices and compliance to relevant laws and regulations. The esg […]

Finance, Environmental, social and corporate governance Derek Deutsch on AssetTV ESG Masterclass

We have approximately 190 billion in assets under management and we’ve been engaged in esg investing for decades now, and this aligns with our approach of investing in high quality companies over long time horizons. So we believe that understanding, esg issues is really critical to making informed investment decisions and we integrate esg research […]

Finance, Environmental, social and corporate governance 2: Investing in Sustainability

The first time you, you start it’s, all about taking incremental steps to improve your performance and improve your transparency over time Music. So back in 2020, blackrock made a series of commitments to make sustainability our standard, which laid the foundation for how we are integrating sustainability considerations across our business. This year in […]

GameStop, Stock, Chief Financial Officer, Finance, Reddit . Huizenga asks about payment for order flow, if retail investing is gambling at GameStop hearing

Mr griffin, you had uh that opportunity to feel comfortable with the explanation of of that best x execution and what uh, what was attempted, apparently uh, to try to be asked congressman. I i hope so i think it’s important to emphasize that we have vigorously advocated for execution quality to be one of […]

GameStop, Stock, Chief Financial Officer, Finance, Reddit g: Retail investors want more and better access to markets: Rep McHenry (R-NC)

To talk to you today, a very lengthy hearing yesterday, what was your takeaway um you’ve called this a fact finding mission what’s the one nugget that you pull away, you think from uh the hearing that could lead to potentially additional questions or regulation. Well, i think uh. I think this is a bullet […]

GameStop, Stock, Chief Financial Officer, Finance, Reddit EO Steve Huffman's opening statement at GameStop hearing

My name is steve huffman. I am the co founder and ceo of reddit and i’m pleased to talk with you today about how reddit works and what we have seen on our site in the past few weeks. Reddit’S mission is to bring community and belonging to everyone in the world. What started in […]

Warren Buffett, Finance : Hedge Funds are worse than Retail Investors (r/wsb)

How many years have you come? This is my 11th good they’ve been 11 great years. Thank you very much at this meeting uh four or five years ago. You commented that money managers in the aggregate have not done better than various market indices, and you attributed this in part to the frictional cost […]

Warren Buffett, Finance hat Happened To Warren Buffett's Returns

5 percent since 1965.. However, over the last decade, berkshire hathaway has actually slightly lagged behind s p, 500. More importantly, in early 2019, warren buffett actually revealed that he’s had a quote tough time, trying to beat s p 500. So what happened to the oracle of omaha before we get started here? We […]

Warren Buffett, Finance THINKS This $3 Stock Will SOAR By 1000%! 🤫

Thanks again for joining me on another video, sorry i’ve been a bit quiet on the channel, been trying to focus on the members group which we’ve got going here on discord um. If you haven’t checked that out make sure you check out the links in the description box below today, we’ve got an […]