Electronic Arts, FIFA, Frostbite 17 PS4 Vs Xbox 360

Well, we’ve got dortmund here again i mean, of course, memories of wembley very, very close, finally got their hands on the trophy ahead of dortmund, but it was a great advert for european football. German football in particular yeah fantastic occasion that, but bayern obviously can spend more and pay more to their players, […]


Fao Live na Twitch me siga, link na descrio e faa, parte tambm. Mc Bidu l na TwitterGalvani Renan nem todos esto aqui na descrio bom, a Finalmente n o Butterfield 2042 foi revelado que isso mesmo foi revelado, a pela da em cima uma empresa a que costuma fazer incrveis butterfields Apesar, que nos […]

Electronic Arts, FIFA, Frostbite Simulationen kann der VfB nicht 😂💪🔥 Fifa 21: VfB Stuttgart 🔴⚪ Karriere #29

Als verloren gegen napoli er hat daher habe ich jetzt hier meine jugend spieler eingewechselt, im, sturm hat karadzic weil, ich nur gonzales und kanadischer, strmer, im kader habe das ist ein bisschen schade das, heit, wir, mssen, dann im sommer fast jede, dritte, saison spiele die views, gehen Leider immer weiter den bach runter […]

Electronic Arts, Battlefield, FIFA 6 Reveal: June, Boom – EA PLAY Confirmed for July

Everyone got excited only to have the rug pulled out from under their feet. Many of us were expecting the reveal later in the week after the tuesday conference call, but it seems that’s not the case. Instead, we’re gon na have to wait a couple more weeks before we see anything from the new […]


I famosi famoso il famigerato trailer teaser trailer che la gente, a spetter adesso vi do una mia piccola teoria per quanto riguarda. I prossimi mesi e cosa accadr perch comunque dais, o meglio elettronics art aveva, informato, sul sito, principale, che nei, successivi mesi dall’apertura del sito, avrebbero informato le persone, ed effettivamente, stanno […]

Electronic Arts, Battlefield, FIFA 6: Trailer Enthüllung, Soon Verarschung, E3 + EA Play Live, Fake Beta – News

Jahr am 22 juli stattfindet leute schaffen wir diesmal 420 likes wrde, ich mich auf jeden fall freuen gold, bist du hier, heute ist drfte fnfter und die, sonne scheint, perfektes wetter und die, fenster zum, zocken zu erffnen und man. Leute was geht bitte aktuell bei ist ab man, knnte echt meine trume wie, […]


Please my card number yeah, no problem just give me two seconds: yeah it’s one, six, one, eight, nine one it’s on the phone yeah yeah they’ve got a really good deal on icon moments at the minute. You can actually buy them, which is this so yeah. I’M. Still here, yeah yeah yeah yeah […]

FIFA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports 7.03.2021 fc sportin vs fc porto ea sheal

Applause saw the pass and dealt with it, trying to get behind the defenders to get in a good cross. Surely the equalizer it’s a save, somehow or no wonder his teammates have congratulated him. That was superb and then it goes going for the header and we’d love to see that especially you allen, […]

FIFA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports HOW EA?! 😡😤 TOP 200 FUT CHAMPIONS HIGHLIGHTS! PART 2 – FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

So today we are looking at foot. Champ highlights part two and if you guys missed out on part one, you are getting a spoiler on your screen. We did end on 15 and oh a great way to start off part one, and hopefully we can continue when it comes down to part two […]

Joe Hart, FIFA, Manchester City F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Ó THỂ BẠN CHƯA BIẾT | Giải mã CHIẾC QUẦN DÀI của Thủ môn người Hungary – GABOR KIRALY

No. I ra ng em chic qun di t, nh mt ci chiu nhng khng, cn ci ko banh chng ta phi nghing qu ri khng kp chy v, nh mang mt ci, qun, ti hay, l, khng, kp, chy, ra shop, m bung, ci, qun, th, cht, ti tin, Chc l cc bn s […]