Destiny 2, 2021, February 26 | WHERE IS XUR? February 26th 2021 | Exotics, 60+ Rolls & Location! – Season of the Chosen

today’s friday, which means our friendly neighborhood trash collectors is back once again. We are here on nessus this week. As you can see, we are up in the tree once again over in a watch’s grave. Here we are have a little look at the map. Just so you guys can see we’re at […]

Destiny 2, 2021, February 26 Beyond Light – Xur Location, Exotic Armor Monte Carlo (2/26/2021 February 26)

2021. So you can find these dirt in israeli location on nessus. Just head over to the watchers grave and then make your way on top of this little. I guess it’s a big tree this little big tree over here, and you can find him standing right here where it is ready, location. You […]

Destiny 2, 2021, February 26 | TRIALS MAP & LOOT! February 26th, 2021 | Map & Adept Rewards! – Season of the Chosen

. Now in today’s, video we’re, taking a look at trials of osiris, it is back. We have a new map, some new loot and some incredible new flawless rewards. If you want to find out everything, you need to know about this weekend’s event be sure to stick around and enjoy the video. If […]