FaZe Clan, Rocket League, Esports OpTic PISSED at CoD Leaking Comms (Scump, Dashy, More)

It is currently 5 30 in the morning i’m, having my first cup of joe and what better way to do so than looking right at you guys through this god, dang lens. We stretched back to last night and i swear this cod community. We just never know what the next instance gon na […]

FaZe Clan, Rocket League, Esports H1ghSky1 FORTNITE SKIN REVEAL!! (I Got My OWN Fortnite Skin)

So big shout out to him because he is a goat time to see and go react to it because i haven’t seen it yet yeah let’s go check it out: hey yo, yo, yo what’s up man. How are you doing i’m, good i’m good? How are you i’m pretty good too? I have […]

FaZe Clan, Rocket League, Esports Justin Bieber Confronts FaZe Jarvis In Person

Is he really he’s like mad? I don’t know what’s going on i’m tripp. What do you mean? Why is justin bieber at the door and why is he mad when we moved in? We realized it was his old house and we found his rings. His old iphone right bro and you stole his […]