Earthquake, San Andreas Fault, Fault 's.. 3/18/2021

First, let me see what this one is, that is, 0.9 organ all right: alaska, alaska, only one showing up in canada at 2.3, 10 hours ago, let’s go ahead and look at the earthquakes. All right, this is 0.0 and greater all magnitude, and we have nothing over in the east. We should be […]

Earthquake, San Andreas Fault, Fault 1989 San Francisco Earthquake

This is the marina district neighborhood. It was the hardest hit residential area. In san francisco, it is believed that between three and five people died in that apartment house right back there, although i must tell you most of the damage in san francisco has been confined to this area, which is about four […]

Earthquake, San Andreas Fault, Fault M 3.5 Near Soledad, San Andreas Fault, Slow Creep Zone

. Thank you for joining me.. There was two earthquakes along the San Andreas fault zone near Soledad.. One was a magnitude 3.5 earthquake 5.9 kilometers in depth, which would be close to almost 4 miles in depth, and all earthquakes are measured from sea level. Shortly afterwards, there was a magnitude 2.6. The 3.5 […]