Zoom Video Communications, Fatigue Pandemic Communication: What, How & When

Today this is so great. Today we have beth cole beth in a few sentences. Would you tell us who you are and what you do? Yeah um i’m beth cole. I am a program manager with the digital innovation team at northwestern mutual, which means that i get to explore and run programs to […]

Zoom Video Communications, Fatigue How to Overcome Zoom Fatigue Today!

Zoom fatigue is health and wellness. Expert, anastasia torchetta. Welcome back to bloom anastasia. Thank you for having me this is such a real thing. People ask all the time. Does it really exist, of course, oh my because it’s so different than what we knew before and at first it was kind of fun. […]

Zoom Video Communications, Fatigue The mental and physical effects of home office and video conferencing – Zoom fatigue is real

That brings me to the question: is home office actually good for us or bad? Well, it depends, i think and here’s why one thing is for sure, though, the cafe at home is way better Music when corona hit in march 2020. I was already two weeks at home, taking some time off to […]