Antutu’s Top 5 Fastest Phones 2019 (June Edition)

Here are the 5 top fastest phones with the highest scores in the popular Antutu Benchmark. Antutu is an overall mobile benchmark that tests CPU, GPU, RAM, IO, and more to give an overall score of a mobile device. You can download the benchmark through the App store on your smartphone or tablet. Please note: […]

Fastest Android Phones 2019 – Top 5 Best Antutu Scores

Compare Prices and Deals   Android 8.0 Multimedia Unit For KIA SPORTAGE 2010-... US $308.85 US $435.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Hey guys, here are the Top 5 highest scores in the Antutu Benchmark from the fastest Android phones you can buy right now (March 2019). We answer "what is the fastest Android phone in 2019?". […]

Best 12GB RAM Phones 2019 (Top 5)

Compare Prices and Deals   Akemy X550VC Laptop motherboard for ASUS X550VC R5... US $65.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Akemy X75VB Laptop motherboard for ASUS X75VB X75V... US $95.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now NEW!!!X555LD i7-5500/4GB RAM GT820M FOR ASUS X555L... US $248.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Global Version Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 6GB RAM 12GB ROM M... US […]

Antutu’s Top 10 World Fastest Phones [March 2019]

With Snapdragon 855 smartphones hitting the market, along with new flagship phones like the Galaxy S10, we've updated our top 10 list of the fastest phones (according to Antutu). Which phone do you have or most want to have? Note: we condensed phones with multiple versions into one entry on this list otherwise this list […]