National Hockey League, ESPN Reportedly Signing 7 Year Deal with ESPN

Uh they’ve struck a deal with an old business partner that dates back to 1979, that they haven’t had any kind of business with since 2004 and it’s interesting that now they get that back. So the history was simple: that up until 2004 they had a deal and then the 0.405 lockout wiped out […]

National Hockey League, ESPN What The NHL's Return To ESPN Means For The League

This is a win: win; win a win for espn in the walt disney company; a win for the nhl and most important a win for fans; a win for us all, in particular, for these two, our coach barry melrose our nhl reporter emily kaplan, who have been Fighting the good fight, it’s home, […]

National Hockey League, ESPN Gary Bettman is thrilled the NHL is back with ESPN | SportsCenter with SVP

The caps got an overtime winner from vrana and they’re playing some great hockey, but wednesday’s better. The commissioner of the nhl gary bettman, joins us on a massive day for our company and we certainly hope for the league as well as we announce a new deal, starting next fall and gary. This has […]