Mark Rober, Engineer, Squirrels 's Squirrel Course – I Animated the Squirrels' Side of the Story

. They will first need to pass through what is basically an 8 part. Ninja warrior obstacle course for squirrels.. Wait a minute: … You’ve only heard half the story., The human half. Let’s back up a bit. Shall we Almost there I’ve got to finish … For my family.. Maybe we should start at […]

Mark Rober, Engineer, Squirrels Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist

Obstacle course, by design it’s extremely challenging it’s meant to test their mental limits and their physical limits. I held back no punches, but i have to admit in hindsight i once again completely underestimated my adversary and truthfully. I never thought i’d be that crazy guy in the neighborhood obsessing over the squirrels, but […]