Engelbert Humperdinck – A Man Without Love With & Spanish Eyes (Philip Arabit Cover)

Please don’t cry Music. This is just soon i’ll return, Music, bringing you all the love your heart can hold. Please Music. His eyes will wait for me. Applause, Music, Music. Spam is please smile for me once more before i go soon. I will return bringing you all the love Music wait for me: […]

Engelbert Humperdinck ow I Love You (SLOWED)

You hold me in your eyes in your own special way. I wonder how you know the things i never say. I can’t imagine life without you by my side. The power of your love is all i need tonight. I know there have been times that i have caused you pain, i turned them […]

Engelbert Humperdinck The RTC Presents:Engelbert Humperdinck Live!

This is uh david sausage, doing a bad rendition of eagle, humper dink, um, humper, it’s uh release me yeah uh, and the news. The 84 year old singer who lives in los angeles he’s, asked his fans for their praise. After being told here’s the forest not funny, despite nearly a year of an […]