Sarah Amiri, United Arab Emirates, Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe prepares to enter Mars orbit

The emirates hope probe will attempt a high risk maneuver to enter mars orbit all in the name of scientific research. Now this hasn’t been done before and it only has a 50 chance of success, but if it works, the uae will become the first arab nation to ever reach the red planet. I […]

Emirates Mars Mission, United Arab Emirates Scientific experiments in mars-like locations on earth | World News | WION

The united arab emirates and china have joined hands with space veteran the united states. For decades, scientists have been using mars, like environments on earth, to test out new technologies and theories. This before crude missions eventually take off to the red planet. Here’S a report dawn breaks across a red desert. These are […]

Emirates Mars Mission, United Arab Emirates Interview: The Emirates Mars Mission with Hessa Al Matroushi

Mars mission arrives in orbit the spacecraft known as hope, launched towards mars back on the 19th of july 2020 and once in orbit, it will spend its time examining the atmosphere that surrounds the planet. This is the first planetary mission put on by the united arab emirates, but it’s, not their last. The […]

Emirates Mars Mission, United Arab Emirates probe close to orbit of Mars

Well, it would make the uae the fifth country to reach mars orbit after the u.s, the soviet union, europe and india, so it must be a very exciting time for the woman heading, the effort. Well, that is her excellency sarah al amiri and i’m very pleased to say she joins me now not […]