Dinosaur, Fossil, Embryo, Egg Millions Under Winter Storm Advisories as Blizzards and Severe Weather Move Across the US – Iceland

Around 11 a.m, mountain time 2021. The models are in and they are not looking fun and the big story is just that. A massive storm slams, the west flooding tornadoes hail possible across the south. Colorado is in for what experts are calling a blockbuster storm, keep calm it’s boom time. Millions are under […]

Dinosaur, Fossil, Embryo, Egg Chordates

This is a very successful group of animals, not the most diverse, not the most species, not the most abundant, but the largest animals that are dominant predators, dominant herbivores in virtually every environment. So this is the last group of animals uh we’re, going to learn about chordate features and the groups of chordate […]

Dinosaur, Fossil, Embryo, Egg Biggest dinosaur egg!!! What inside???

I got candy rings, two of them. Okay, today we’re going to open it, the opening, i wonder, what’s a diamond it’s, a diamond! Oh you got a diamond okay. Let’S see! Oh my god. This is so yum, oh, my god diamond rings are so good guys. This is soft. I never knew there […]