WLToys V222 HD Camera Modification

The WLToys V222 is a great inexpensive video quadcopter. However, its VGA video camera could be better. An $18 alternative camera is available at $68 WLToys V222 Quadcopter: MUSIC CREDITS "Awel" by stefsax is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

Quadcopter Drone Orientation Tips for Distant Flying

These important flight training tips will help prevent you from losing your quadcopter. It's very important to learn how not to lose orientation of your quadcopter. This can be done by observings its movement alone. What would you do if one day you flew further away than you could be able to visually distinguish your […]

XK DHC-2 A600 RC the Easiest RC Airplane to Fly

This BRUSHLESS motor RC airplane has sensors that automatically stabilize the airplane. It's almost crash proof, even in the wind. Don't believe me? Watch this video. Find it here RTF on Amazon or international buyers here You can turn off the stabilization for stunts, loops, rolls, inverted flight, Immelmann's, etc… But if you get into […]

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Airplane Easy 3D Mode

Loops and rolls with the easiest RC airplane to fly! And watch how the A600 auto stabilization prevents me from crashing several times. And I include a crash just to show how sturdy this airplane is (yeah that's it 🙂 Find it here If in USA, select "Priority Direct Mail" during checkout. Shipping cost is […]

JJRC H20H Hexacopter Drone Flight Test Review

This little drone has got to be one of the easiest to fly for beginners. Buy it here Includes altitude hold making this very steady in vertical flight. Turn on headless mode and it's extremely easy to fly. Pros – Includes altitude hold. – Headless mode and one key return – Nice stable and docile […]

WLToys V262 Quadcopter Drone: Death at Death Valley

Video flight with my $90 WLToys V262 Cyclone quadcopter ($80 for US customers, click on US warehouse to get price ). This is a great quadcopter for simple, cheap, and easy aerial video tasks. It can lift this Mobius actioncam, and also the GoPro Hero 3 video cameras. WLToys V262 Quadcopter Mobius Action Camera This […]

Cheerson CX10 Nano Quadcopter Review

The CX10 is easy to fly, and is perfect for beginners learning to fly a quadcopter. But set the CX-10 to high rate mode and it becomes an extremely maneuverable flyer. Get it here or here on Amazon And international customers, get it here or here Hope you enjoyed this video. If so, please subscribe […]

WLToys V666 FPV Drone: Easy to Fly!

This huge FPV quadcopter is so easy to fly that it feels like you're flying a balloon. It drops almost like a balloon too when the battery dies. It has great range, 5.8 Ghz FPV, and a 2 MP video camera to boot! It's also available in the GearBest US warehouse for faster delivery than […]

Flybear FX819 Long and High Flying Beginners RC Airplane Flight Test Review

This two channel beginner's plane just wants to fly, even at minimum throttle. With stabilization gyros, it's an easy to fly powered glider that should also be a good slope soarer. Find it here Pros – Two channel RC plane with stabilization gyros do a great job at minimizing roller coaster (phugoid) oscillations. – Good […]