Eachine VR005 Cheap Beginners FPV Racing Goggles Review

These FPV goggles are priced just right to help new FPV fliers enter the hobby. Find them here Pros – One of (if not the) most inexpensive FPV goggles currently on the market. – Small and lightweight. – Can receive 48 channels in 5.8Ghz FPV bands E, F, A, B, Race, and Diatone. Also icludes […]

MJX BUGS 4W, Eachine EX3 and JJRC X11: The Same Drone Under Different Names

Watch our video about MJX BUGS 4W, Eachine EX3 and JJRC X11. These RC drones have the same design, specifications and features, but but they are released under different names and from different brands. 🔥 Buy MJX BUGS 4W: ➨ – GearBest ➨ – Aliexpress 🔥 Buy Eachine EX3: ➨ – Aliexpress ➨ – Banggood […]

Eachine E013 Plus Acro FPV Trainer Drone Flight Test Review

Compare Prices and Deals   High Quality Eachine E013 Plus Micro FPV Racing Dr... US $56.69 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Eachine E013 Plus Micro FPV Racing Drone Anti-Turt... US $62.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Eachine E013 Plus Micro FPV Racing Drone Anti-Turt... US $63.47 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now Eachine E013 Plus Micro FPV Racing Drone Anti-Turt... US $68.99 […]

Eachine Racer 130 FPV Racer Great Acro Flight Trainer

This little brushless racer can be a great FPV acro trainer for those wishing to enter racing. Find it here Although this little quad is a great trainer, I strongly recommend first time FPV fliers practice with an FPV simulator program before taking this out on its first flight. FPV Freerider is a great simulator […]

Eachine 3D X4 The Upside Down Drone Part 1

The Eachine X4 is the first quadcopter that can flip and fly inverted with the press of a button (actually two buttons). Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links. MUSIC LICENSE "Awel" by stefsax is licensed under a Creative Commons license: music was […]

Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review

This quadcopter may be the perfect entry level quadcopter for FPV racing. Buy it here BUT NOT FOR BEGINNERS! Beginners, this is NOT the quad for you to learn to fly with. Best for those who already have good flying skills, but now wish to try their hand at FPV flying. And even then, take […]

Eachine Assassin 180 Altitude Hold and GPS Position Hold Part 1

The Eachine Assassin 180 is a neat new racing quadcopter that includes a barometer and a GPS connected to its flight controller. Find it here from Banggood This video demonstrates performance of the quadcopter in its default configuration. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that the barometer and GPS components are configured by default to provide altitude […]

Furibee F36 Cheap Blade Whoop Clone Flight Test Review

This quadcopter may be the best of the low cost Inductrix clones to convert into a tiny whoop. Powerful and maneuverable, yet cheap! A much better flier than the Eachine E010 and JJRC H36. Find it here Pros – Very inexpensive. One of the lowest cost drones currently available. – Great indoor/outdoor flier. Propeller ducts […]

Eachine E10C PRO CAM Nano Drone Flight Test Review

This nano camera drone actually includes a 2MP 720p HD camera, but at a very reasonable price. Find it here Pro's – 2MP 720p HD camera in a nano quadcopter. – 150mah battery to provide power for that camera – Does not require FAA registration. Con's – Does auto flips in expert rate. – Quadcopter […]