Please my card number yeah, no problem just give me two seconds: yeah it’s one, six, one, eight, nine one it’s on the phone yeah yeah they’ve got a really good deal on icon moments at the minute. You can actually buy them, which is this so yeah. I’M. Still here, yeah yeah yeah yeah […]

FIFA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports 7.03.2021 fc sportin vs fc porto ea sheal

Applause saw the pass and dealt with it, trying to get behind the defenders to get in a good cross. Surely the equalizer it’s a save, somehow or no wonder his teammates have congratulated him. That was superb and then it goes going for the header and we’d love to see that especially you allen, […]

FIFA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports HOW EA?! 😡😤 TOP 200 FUT CHAMPIONS HIGHLIGHTS! PART 2 – FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

So today we are looking at foot. Champ highlights part two and if you guys missed out on part one, you are getting a spoiler on your screen. We did end on 15 and oh a great way to start off part one, and hopefully we can continue when it comes down to part two […]


We are back with another video um and today ea has said you can get madden for free. So if you don’t have matin and you have ea play, you can go ahead and download a copy of madden for yourself right and get yourself started. Then you come over here watch my channel. I […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, EA Sports WHY DO YOU HATE US MADDEN 21 TIPS

You got to have a deep rooted hate to do something like this Music what’s up everybody it’s your boy dc duh, welcome in the hater nation. How y’all doing out there guys we are going to get into this today and i’m very very upset with this, because if you don’t necessarily know on […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, EA Sports ghtReacts Broken Controller Montage #6

Give me a fumble. Please give me a phone, something something something something it’s a try, hard bro it’s, just unbelievable bro. This is crazy man, you yeah man. No one buys your bro. I swear bro. Nobody buys your bro. Your company will fall off next year. Bro 2k 2k football is taking over […]

FIFA, Electronic Arts, EA Sports, UEFA Champions League 2006–2007 (PSP)

Andy townsend is here with me. Looking forward to this one kyle today, a lot of good players on show this town ain’t big enough for both of them. Their annual shootouts are always bitterly fought that’s the way it is when two local rivals come together on derby day it’s personal kickoff time, then […]

Electronic Arts, FIFA, EA Sports, UEFA Champions League 21 | West Ham United vs Liverpool – UCL UEFA Champions League – Full Match & Gameplay

. My name is derek ray and i’m joined for commentary by lee dixon, and this is where it all starts in the uefa champions league. The group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to it’s west ham, united taking on liverpool yeah cheers derek well what a big […]

Electronic Arts, FIFA, EA Sports, UEFA Champions League 21 | Gaz Metan Medias vs Academica Clinceni – Romania Liga 1 | 30/01/2021 | 1080p 60FPS

This should be high intensity, stuff lee yeah. Thank you, derek lovely to be here. I can’t wait for this one. A nice quick tempo from both sides will be ideal for me. Let’S hope we get. That should be a great game. The lineup then for the hosts, would you call it four five […]

Electronic Arts, FIFA, EA Sports, UEFA Champions League Tip's Game Nation presents EA's FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid (England Edition{:))|)

17. Can you tell me a decision to make oh Music? Well, this is the kind of match. Every football fan looks forward to a lot on the line and the likelihood of attention packed occasion stay tuned. We’Ll have all the action for you live here on ea tv, Music, a really exciting night […]