Roguelike, E3, Nintendo Switch UES Nintendo Switch Update auf Version 12.0.3 & ALLE Patchnotes und Hinweise

0 drei angekommen und ich wrde sagen wir gucken, uns heute an was So alles in diesem update, drin steckt ja, also auch nicht nur die blichen verdchtigen fehlerbehebungen schauen wir uns, an sondern eben auch was sonst noch, so alles im update, drin steckt ja, wir schauen wieder einmal ber den tellerrand hinaus macht […]

Animal Crossing, Nintendo, E3 w Horizons ZELDA CROSSOVER at E3 (RUMOUR EXPLAINED) How Could It Work? Speculation

Today we are taking a look at the latest e3 rumor for a zelda crossover and recapping. What zelda crossovers have looked like in the past, which should give us a good idea of what to expect for new horizons if the rumors are true, so without further ado, let’s get straight into today’s video […]

Animal Crossing, Nintendo, E3 Predictions

I have my hopes stupidly high for what’s, probably not going to be announced what we could see and what i’m expecting to play for the next six months. Nintendo stated that the direct will mostly concentrate on 2021, but sometimes they’d like to throw in some 2022 stuff in there there’s, so many games […]

Animal Crossing, Nintendo, E3 Update & Predictions! | Animal Crossing New Horizons

What i think is coming my predictions, all of that, so if you’re interested in content like this – and you want to see more in the future i’d appreciate if you like and subscribe, but let’s just get right into it. Okay, so first things! First, if you don’t know what e3 is e3 […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo, E3, Downloadable content, Masahiro Sakurai It's Time For Smash Bros. E3 Fighter Pass #2 Predictions & Possibilities | Brianycus

Maybe in the winter, in some certain areas, the trees are just so nice and green. The backyard is full of life. The guardian is growing as ever in the back man, what an amazing amazing day, hello, there nintendo ninja. What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be on. Oh, […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo, E3, Downloadable content, Masahiro Sakurai 5 Characters Who Have the Worst and Best Chance of Becoming DLC in Smash Ultimate

Not only was hiro announced to be a playable character for smash ultimate, but also banjo kazooie. In this video, i will be giving you five characters, i think, have a very good chance of making it into smash. Ultimate’S roster, as well as five characters that seem to get requested. A lot that i […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo, E3, Downloadable content, Masahiro Sakurai WHO'S NEXT? Smash Ultimate E3 DLC Character Predictions!

The excitement for e3 is finally back it’s been far too long since we’ve had an e3 with last year. Shutting down everything – and i just can’t – wait to get right back into everything and to see what super smash brothers and nintendo has in store for us. So i think we can […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo, E3, Downloadable content xt Smash Bros DLC Fighter Appeared in My Dream- E3 Premonition?

Has any of you ever had dreams like this, where you’re highly anticipating a game or something like smash brothers, and you have a dream about it and what you dream is like features or characters from the game that don’t necessarily come true, but obviously, when you’re in A dream you just take everything, […]

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Ace Attorney, Capcom, E3 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – E3 2021 Trailer

Red may have been strong and skilled, but against the awesome power of nature he was merely a man. He never stood a chance all around things just kept getting worse, but i heard that guardian rather had survived and returned to hekolo island. I went there to see red’s old monster again then, of […]

Ace Attorney, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Capcom, E3 Nintendo Switch BIG NEWS! Huge E3 2021 Schedule + My Plans & New Switch RPG CONFIMRED For The West!

Video and more today, we’ve got a bunch of great topics for you guys and, of course, the big show. E3 i’m gon na be breaking down the events and what i’m going to be streaming on this channel, but before we get into any of this, please make sure you hit that like button […]