Fortnite, Rubber duck, Duck ALL WEEK 1 CHALLENGES! Place Rubber Duckies & Collect IO Tech Weapons [Fortnite Season 7]

Today, the new season came out and with that a new set of challenges, let’s start with the first epic quest. You need to collect different weapon types, not that hard, but you just need to be a little bit lucky get yourself a sniper ar shotgun, smg, pistol or rocket launcher to get this […]

Fortnite, Rubber duck, Duck How to Complete All Week 1 Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7! (Epic & Legendary Quests)

If you wan na support me, whilst buying anything in your phone item shop, then consider entering my support great code in your item shop also, this is season. 7 battle pass giveaway going on right now. I will choose the winner later on today. If you want to enter it, all you need to […]