Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India NEW PS5 Controller Colors! | Price in India, Release Date and more | PS5 News

My name is benjamin, i hope i’m safe here and yeah. Finally, xbox has always done it xbox. You know every time they come up with this beautiful, vibrant colors, on their controllers and playstation. This time they are going the same route, so call rocco. While i was in bed, i just found out […]

Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India The First New PS5 DualSense Colors are Here – IGN Daily Fix

You know that console you probably won’t be able to get until 2023. Well, you can pre order two new controller colors for it right now. The trading card bubble has reached such aggressively ridiculous levels that walmart and target have stopped carrying pokemon cards for safety reasons. An insomniac game said: there’s, nothing stopping […]

Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India Announced NEW DualSense PS5 Controller Colors

If you’re new to this channel make sure you take a look around and let me know what you guys think drop your comments down below don’t forget to subscribe and check out my awesome content on this channel let’s go ahead and get started today. We had awesome news from playstation directly from playstation […]