Square Enix, DRAGON QUEST III, Video game remake p 10 Strongest Special Moves (Based on Damage Dealt) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today, i want to talk about one of the core traits of every smash brothers character. Their special moves. Some are fast, some are crazy, some are silly, and some of them are very strong. That will be the focus today. I’Ll be showcasing the top 10 strongest special moves in smash, bros ultimate to […]

Square Enix, DRAGON QUEST III, Video game remake Pokemon Black and White Don't Need a Remake (They’re Already Perfect) | Game Studio Spotlight

We find new ways of expressing art pokemon’s a good example of this. It exists across each of nintendo’s handheld consoles. Every time there was a new console. We had new expectations, but for the first time ever in 2011, game freak stopped the same year that nintendo released the 3ds, a powerful handheld console […]

Square Enix, DRAGON QUEST III, Video game remake WHAT TO EXPECT – Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Predictions and Speculation – sackchief

The 35th Anniversary of Dragon Quest. Next week, Square Enix is hosting a livestream for the Dragon Quest Anniversary on the 27th of May in Japan, like they do every year. However, this time its different and very exciting for a number of reasons. One of the big reasons being that for the first time […]