Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games I Spent 50 Hours In Prison

There gets the wall i’m just gon na do what he says. I am officially locked in prison with no lift how’s. It going not good. Basically me nolan and all my other friends agreed to spend 50 hours in prison how’s it going boys. I feel right at home, just so we’re clear. We […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games 20 UNLUCKIEST Fortnite Moments

Oh wow, this bird will help me destroy the ufo wow. Oh geez, wow, i’m missing a lot. Oh, my god. Okay, i promise i’ll never do that again, but if this is only the number 20 spot, then how much worse gon na get at number 19.. This is plot x1 and he spots […]

Fortnite, Doomsday Preppers, Epic Games Week 4 LEGENDARY Quest GUIDE | Clues at The Farm, Doomsday Guide, and MORE!

So you can get your hands on an extra 165 000 xp. Oh, what is up i’m crown nebula and welcome to the week four legendary quest guide. I will be going over where you can find clues at the farm farmer, steel’s favorite places where to place missing person signs where you can find […]