Dog, Herding Can a Tibetan Mastiff take down a wolf!!!

Can a tibetan mastiff take down a wolf all alone, or does it have the ability to kill one? The simple answer to the question is: no, although asiatic wolves are a lot smaller in size as compared to gray or timberwolves still, we need to keep in mind that wolves are natural born killers. […]

Dog, Herding NEW Border Collie Video Compilation (CUTE & FUNNY MOMENTS) | COLLIE LOVE 💕

This is the biggest of all living, reptiles and one of the most feared. If one creature were to be labeled, a cold blooded killer, it would be this agility focus. First, we go here. We go nice and go, go. Go you can hear the um here in the crowd, there’s that reverse Music, […]


A real challenge awaits our beloved mao today, this time against a fellow herding breed one of the most popular dogs out there, the border collie, both intelligent, agile and hard working, but which of these two makes for a better family dog, the belgian malinois versus border collie. Let the battle begin Music, starting […]

Dog, Dallas Kako Ramos – Unboxing ponte Gotoh GE 1996t GHL1

Child is como d: para ver l t sem as tarraxas e sem as cordas porque eu vou substituir e essa, ponte aqui, ela t bem, oxidada, j, a quebrou aqui, no cantinho vocs a fazer bem, a senhora que t ela, tem captador, entwistle e um, stauffer como Single core t est sem as […]

Dog, Dallas Iditarod 2021 Dallas Seavey y Aaron Burmeister entrando en Skwentna

What we’re thinking is, if you swing wide, either direction and then just orient your leaders facing the food line. Okay, that’ll give you an easy back facing into towards the middle yeah, because the exit is a shoot. Just inverted like what you came through. It hurts because my lips are all cracked but […]

Dog, Dallas Seavey wins record-tying fifth Iditarod championship

He is joining us now over the phone dallas. Congratulations. Thank you happy to be here. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, because uh how long ago, did you cross the finish line? I literally just finished and sat down with some friends and family and had a small […]