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As sin pintura una de las caractersticas que lo hace nico cuenta con sus rines originales tambin tipo turbina y no podan faltar sus bf goodrich que tambin vienen progresivas. Si no me equivoco es 195 60 rin 14 en la parte de adelante y en la parte de atrs tiene un 235 igual 60 […]

DMC DeLorean, Back to the Future HOTWHEELS-BTTF DELOREAN DMC-12

The delorean is one of the most awaited automobiles in automotive history drive, the delorean live the dream. Today, with the delorean being made in northern ireland, there was clearly problems in the late 70s in america. They would face the oil crisis, which the middle east increased. Their oil prices and american cars with […]

DMC DeLorean, Back to the Future TTF Slideshow

My calculations are correct when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gon na see some serious Music wait. A minute, why am i doc? Are you telling me you built a time machine kind of a delorean the way i see it? If you’re gon na build a time machine into a car? […]