YouTube Premium, Discord How to Get YouTube Premium For Free – 2021 Discord

If you have clicked on this video, then that is probably because you have read the title, which is what we are actually going to talk about, is on how to get a youtube premium. For three months for free, so discord actually partnered with youtube and is giving a free youtube premium for three […]

YouTube Premium, Discord Claim 3 months FREE YouTube Premium | Discord Nitro Guide | 2021

Basically, if you open up discord, youll likely see a banner like this at the very top. If you click take me, there youll see that discord currently have a youtube premium promotion going on with giving away a three month trial. The only limitations for this are pretty simple number one you have to […]

YouTube Premium, Discord REMIUM 3 Monate KOSTENLOS bekommen [Legal] mit Discord | Tutorial Ecke

Ohne irgendwas zu tun auer die app herunterzuladen und auf staat zu klicken bekommt wie das, mit dem disco, oder nitro kostenlos bekommt mit meinem partner, salad, genau geht, seht ihr hier in dem video hier rechts oben, ich habe es euch natrlich auch noch in der video beschreibung Und im, angebundenen kommentar verlinkt, also […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 us July 2021 New Game Leaks

I woke up this morning and saw that push square had published an article about these leaks and kind of substantiated kind of not substantiated they’re, not sure whether or not they’re legit in push squares own words they’re a little bit shaky. However, the source that they came from is kind of legit and […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 Leaks new Studio – More Sony Remasters incoming!

This big announcement over twitter last night announcing that house mark has been acquired by sony and, as you know, sony’s got heaps of different twitter accounts. All the different studios have twitter accounts. All the different regions have twitter accounts and playstation japan. Instead of tweeting out that sony purchased house mark tweeted out […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 July State of Play

What microsoft has in store what ubisoft has in store? There are still two major players who haven’t shown their hand about what games they have coming out. That is ea and sony now i’m, not here to talk about ea, even since they ignored my dms, but for real ea. If you want to […]

Discord Memes die definitiv unsüchtig sind!

Inzwischen seht ihr dass man dass ich einfach immer da liegen um euch zu beweisen zu knnen wie gro meine bienen selbst gewachsen, ich da mein bizeps gewachsen ist verarschen, also gedanken menschen das, cosl raten, knnen, springen ist es ein groer, klub war, das, keine, normale, frage krperspannung, Insane wichtige stimmt ich habe eine […]

Discord is Increasing the Server Limits…

i’m going to be talking about this today, but first make sure to go and hit that subscribe button and like button. If this video gets 5000 likes, i will wear my shirt inside out for an entire day. Anyways let’s get straight into the story. Okay, so i’ve already said recently that discord is […]

Discord How To Get Discord NITRO FREE For 3 Months!

This time they have a deal on discord, nitro and is not just a deal it’s, basically for free. So look right here. It says: discord, nitro, free discord, nitro that’s right three months of the discord nitro for first time, nitro users that’s, like a couple of dog years, offer ends june 24th. So […]

Microsoft Corporation, Discord Windows, ROTAT E | Microsoft Sam Reads Annoying And Insulting Errors

Destroy you ha. You got that right. You don’t mess with the gosh darn microsoft, sam Music, hello, i am bacon bacon, will now spin a bunch of bacon times, bacon, bacon bacon, oh wow, that was bacon. Fun bacon wants to do that bacon, again, bacon bacon, bacon. Welcome back to aie. We got […]