Discord Memes die definitiv unsüchtig sind!

Inzwischen seht ihr dass man dass ich einfach immer da liegen um euch zu beweisen zu knnen wie gro meine bienen selbst gewachsen, ich da mein bizeps gewachsen ist verarschen, also gedanken menschen das, cosl raten, knnen, springen ist es ein groer, klub war, das, keine, normale, frage krperspannung, Insane wichtige stimmt ich habe eine […]

Discord is Increasing the Server Limits…

i’m going to be talking about this today, but first make sure to go and hit that subscribe button and like button. If this video gets 5000 likes, i will wear my shirt inside out for an entire day. Anyways let’s get straight into the story. Okay, so i’ve already said recently that discord is […]

Discord How To Get Discord NITRO FREE For 3 Months!

This time they have a deal on discord, nitro and is not just a deal it’s, basically for free. So look right here. It says: discord, nitro, free discord, nitro that’s right three months of the discord nitro for first time, nitro users that’s, like a couple of dog years, offer ends june 24th. So […]

Microsoft Corporation, Discord Windows, ROTAT E | Microsoft Sam Reads Annoying And Insulting Errors

Destroy you ha. You got that right. You don’t mess with the gosh darn microsoft, sam Music, hello, i am bacon bacon, will now spin a bunch of bacon times, bacon, bacon bacon, oh wow, that was bacon. Fun bacon wants to do that bacon, again, bacon bacon, bacon. Welcome back to aie. We got […]

Microsoft Corporation, Discord OMMENT INSTALLER POWERCORD ? | DISCORD

Is it guide clown port cordes, la colle, et faire entrer une fois que c’est termin vous faites c’tait pour cordes mp il faut terminer vous faites npm relgue une fois termine vous avez la petite flche en bas, droite veut trouver, dix, lente, canaris, quitter et vous le Relancer vous pouvez faire mes cd […]

Microsoft Corporation, Discord lans… Discord might die because of Microsoft.

Usually i don’t get into any like news or anything that has to deal with any drama, but this may actually change how i talk to my friends if this happens i’m not live, but i want to make this quick video, so i can. I have some videos coming up, but microsoft uh wants […]

Discord, Microsoft Corporation [NEW] DISCORD.JS CHAT BOT – API (2021)

I know you’re lonely in your discord server and you don’t have anyone to talk with literally no one. Well, i introduce you the ai but yeah. I mean obviously i’m, not gon na give you the source code. What do you thought? Huh no i’m, not gon na, give you the source code, obviously […]

Discord, Microsoft Corporation How to create a Discord NUKE bot [2021]

Nuke bot that destroys discord, servers so let’s get into the code. So, first of all, you need to download node.js and visual studio code, which i will have linked below it’s very easy to download them. You just go to the link and hit download okay, once you have that you want to go […]

Discord, Microsoft Corporation How To Code An Unbypassable Anti Mention Feature | Discord JS

The topic will be how to create an unbypassable um uh, basically like anti dimension anti ping. Basically, so my last video that i did on this was um was questionable. I i’m not sure why i chose the code that i chose because someone pointed out to me in the comments that there is […]

Discord, Reddit VOU MORAR NUMA CASA DE 8CM DE ALTURA……. Grounded 2

Eu t e hoje eu t f qu que foi Johnny fala para o pai s, uma vez, achou, fofinho, racional achando que eu t, falando com, animal, no ainda, no t tomando, remdio, mano, esse, jogo, aqui, eu fiquei, muito, no Hype de continuar Mano era; para eu Ter gravado de para, os dois […]