Stock, Digital Turbine My Top 3 Holdings: A Quick Update (APPS, PLTR, CCIV)

Now the first company i want to talk about today is digital turbine. Now digital turbine just supported their fiscal 2020. Third quarter results and man did they deliver now. They reported third quarter revenue of 88.6 million representing a 146 percent annual growth. Now their application media revenue increased 58 year over year to […]

Stock, Digital Turbine 5 BEST STOCKS TO BUY NOW [February 2021] 🤑 HIGH GROWTH!

I think you should buy for february, so just as a disclaimer i’m, not a financial analyst. I just like investing and researching about stocks, and this is just my research on these stocks. So do this information, what you will so the first stock that i want to recommend is sun power. Currently sunpower. […]

Stock, Digital Turbine Is Digital Turbine Stock A Buy Before Earnings? (APPS Stock Analysis)

It has a 5 billion dollar market cap and is expected to hit 15 cents eps. So in this video i’ll do a rundown of the company, some of the different things you should know if you are an investor in the company already or if you are considering jumping in now before we get […]