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We have the biggest football game of the year right around the corner. We have the super bowl and guess who’s in the super bowl again right yeah, you know we all know tom brady is in the super bowl again. How old is this guy? He is about 43 about 43, this year, 2021 […]

Tom Brady, Diet, Super Bowl, Exercise Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl LV Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

, I’m, a registered strength, conditioning coach and also a fellow of applied, functional science., Oh and I’ve trained Patrick Mahomes, since the fourth grade. Let’s get into some of the stuff we like to do to get ready for the season. Patrick’s training goals Are simple: win the Super Bowl., So in order to […]

Tom Brady, Diet, Super Bowl, Exercise We Compared Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady’s Training Styles | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Brady is the goat. The man who’s appeared in 10 super bowls in 20. Seasons. Mahomes is viewed by many as a goat in waiting playing in a second super bowl. After just three years as a starter and both players do it in unique ways: brady has wowed us with two decades of longevity. […]