Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment, Rogue 4 Rogue Class Reveal, & other Blizzconline News

This week’s topics include a recap of all the major blizzcon online news, including diablo 4 in world of warcraft, some other action, rpg news and more as always, discussion. Tab stamps can be found in the video description below, but right before you skip ahead. Just a quick reminder to ring that sub notification […]

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment, Rogue ction Diablo IV Rogue Announcement Trailer Blizzconline 2021

What’S up everybody watching we’re, just gon na keep rolling, along with the blizzcon line, announcements and in this video we’re, going to be doing a reaction to their newest trailer for diablo 4. For the announcement of the rogue class now this makes me very excited that they’ve announced a road class for diablo. […]

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment, Rogue IV – Rogue Announcement Reaction (BlizzConline 2021)

That’S right today, we’re happy to announce a brave new soul, joining the barbarian, the sorcerer and the druid on this dangerous journey back to sanctuary a class is one of the most exciting things you can announce in a diablo game. This one is especially exciting to me as it’s a re envisioning of […]

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment IV – Rogue Announce Trailer

Just know they are being heard.. There is justice within the Light …, but you have to be patient. Now: pray with me. May Akarat guide and protect me. PARISHIONER May Akarat guide and protect me.. May he shepherd my soul …. May he shepherd my soul, … … and grant it mercy. APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS […]

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment 4 Rogue Reveal and More!

They revealed the next class for diablo 4, which is the rogue, and this class looks awesome. I honestly probably will play this class first. I love the combination between the rogan like diablo 1, the assassin diablo 2 and the demon hunter and diablo 3.. They all look. It looks so good, it looks […]

Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment very Blizzcon 2021 Trailer

Our cause will be made to serve right. Now. You hold all the power, make your choice: sylvanas windrunner. Despite all our efforts, the mall continues to grow. What if dinathius’s treachery is irreparable, the primus is lost and bastion cannot save the shadow lands alone. None of this should have happened. Perhaps the winter […]