Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment The MOST Explosive Build Ever? (Titan Builds)

A few titan builds this season and i went ahead and made two for this video one on ark and one on solar and before we get into today’s video round two of g field. Madness ends on thursday my code will be 30 off as long as we’re still in the tournament, and this […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment Auto Rifles Desperately Need a Damage Buff in PvE (Shadow Price)

Why? I just am not a fan of ars mpv right now, especially the 450 rpms. We made it to the round two of the g fuel madness tournament, and this round will last through thursday and once again, is based off code usage and will be the final round based off sales. So if […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment 12 Man Glitch WORKS EVERY TIME! 100% Consistent Strategy Raid Nightfall Strikes Farming | Destiny 2

It is a lot of fun and it’s a super fun way to earn loot and play with other people in your community. You can see some clips from me doing this on stream the other night. However, many people who have been trying to do this glitch since it released, are having struggles actually […]

Destiny 2, Week, March Beyond Light – Xur Location, Exotic Armor Monte Carlo (3/12/2021 March 12)

Random rolls my recommendations for march 12, 2021.. First and foremost. I just wanted to mention that trials has been re enabled this week. So if you do actually go to crucible and it is friday, you should be able to see trials of osiris, they disabled it because of a lot of cheaters or […]

Destiny 2, Week, March | TRIALS MAP & LOOT! March 12th, 2021 | Map & Adept Rewards! – Season of the Chosen

. Now in today’s, video we’re, taking a look at trials of osiris, it is back. We have a new map, some new loot and some incredible new flawless rewards. If you want to find out everything, you need to know about this weekend’s event be sure to stick around and enjoy the video. If […]

Destiny 2, Week, March – Increased Infamy Season Reset (March 2 Season of the Chosen Weekly Reset)

We work tirelessly to see if our work bear fruit, yeah, okay, you just to creep my engrams relax. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, i’m batman. I just realized i’m, like all black. Welcome to video. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re gon na be taking a look at the destiny 2 reset for march 9th 2021. So […]


I ragazzi stessi noi siamo qui signori in un nuovo video e signori in questo video vi, porto l’ultimo dollaro che non ha portati al 120 creativa minuto ottenibile tramite, giocare hazard, ragazzo fa schifo, a tutti per fatelo ultimo davvero che ho ottenuto con appunto colpo rapido, signori E come sapete pi sparate in […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Raid, Player Why Ticuu's Divination is My NEW Favorite Exotic! (Destiny 2)

It is that good, so we’ll be breaking down exactly what this weapon does with the catalyst in this video, then we’ll also be comparing it to the trinity goal and seeing which bow is the best overall, before we get to the video make sure you use my Code, air on g4 or 30 […]


Soin de leurs employs en ces temps, difficiles d’autre part c’est, cette extension qui, va amener le jeu un point de non retour entre guillemets dans le sens o le ct narratif, va vraiment prendre son envol les vnements et les personnages du jeu auront tous un impact direct Sur le dlc d’aprs laques fol […]

Destiny 2, 2021, February 26 | WHERE IS XUR? February 26th 2021 | Exotics, 60+ Rolls & Location! – Season of the Chosen

today’s friday, which means our friendly neighborhood trash collectors is back once again. We are here on nessus this week. As you can see, we are up in the tree once again over in a watch’s grave. Here we are have a little look at the map. Just so you guys can see we’re at […]