Dead by Daylight, Hellraiser, Stranger Things, Behaviour Interactive, Pinhead, Demogorgon f Chapter 21 Isn’t Pinhead Never Trust Teasers – Dead by Daylight

A lot of this video is my opinion to all the teasers that weve seen up to this point, but before we get into all that, first lets watch this scene: real, quick, Music, Music, oh Music, demons to some angels to others; hows it going everyone. My name is schmuckles make sure to like […]

Dead by Daylight, Stranger Things, Hellraiser, Behaviour Interactive, Pinhead, Demogorgon Would Spring Trap be good for the DBD community? (Part 1)

Multiple times app is a dog with a bone who wont sleep until hes, buried, relentlessly determined and strong servant. Cunning and creative tap is everything that the new licensed speculators think they are tap is a doberman and a deerstalker cap. These people are more akin to chow chows and a loose tinfoil sombrero […]