Deepfake, Tom Cruise turbing Tom Cruise Video Goes Viral On TikTok

At first glance, a lot of people are believing that these videos are actually tom himself and i’m going to get into all the details in a moment. But first, if you could, please do us a big, favor and smash that like button, we would really appreciate it and without the wait, let’s just […]

Deepfake, Tom Cruise Kylie's Laugh Attack, Tom Cruise Clone & Ludacris Flies Plane – "Nightly Pop" 03/03/21 | E! News

Kylie actually gets a little drunk from time to time and she got drunk during this makeup. Tutorial Applause. Uh. Have you guys ever laughed so hard? You peed! Your pants all the time all the time it is one of my favorites all the time when i was younger. It happened all the time […]

Deepfake, Tom Cruise his Tom Cruise DeepFake Has the Internet Freaking Out

If i play some sports, i love it. This video, from the account deep tom cruise, has people across the internet asking a lot of questions, and this isn’t just another fake, celebrity account it’s, so much more hey, it’s shira, and if you were scrolling through tick tock, you might have stumbled on this […]

Artificial intelligence, Deepfake, MyHeritage Fake Face – Prof Simon

A genealogy site is offering a service to its customers to facially slightly animate old pictures, it’s interesting. I genuinely think it offers a service and a way of remembering a dead ancestor and brings them back to life. Remember when world war ii in color was a thing as a film editor who works […]

Artificial intelligence, Deepfake, MyHeritage Family Photo Come to Life! Deep Nostalgia, Deep Fakes and Family Memories

That was deep nostalgia and it was introduced yesterday by my heritage, a genealogy website at roots tech, the largest genealogy conference in the world and, of course, it’s virtual. So this was something people saw on their computer screens and devices all over yesterday. So what is deep nostalgia, and maybe we should talk […]

Artificial intelligence, Deepfake, MyHeritage TheChanClan: MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia – I Animated My Long-Departed Grandparents Whom I Never Met!

Now this is pretty cool. This is new technology using artificial intelligence and deep learning to help you transform photos into videos of your long lost relatives. So here you see actually my own grandparents. This is grandpa chan and grandma chan, whom i never met because they passed away before i was born. Grandpa […]