Stock, Stock market, Day trading 🚨 MY BIGGEST RED DAY IN THE STOCK MARKET

45 and it’s still dropping during the aftermarket trading session. I need to update you guys, also i’m sure you guys can kind of guesstimate how much it is that i’m down not just talking about my green days, but also talking about my red days. One of the things that i hope can make […]

Stock, Stock market, Day trading 🚀 MY $50,000 DAY IN THE STOCK MARKET (EXPLAINED)

I hope that you guys all had an amazing day. I wanted to just provide you guys with a quick little update. I’Ve been posting updates on my instagram. If you guys don’t follow me on instagram, it should be popping up right here. Heads up, i only have one instagram account there’s, so many […]

Stock, Stock market, Day trading ⏰ 2021 STOCK MARKET CRASH (MY PLAN)

Why is this stock going down like you know, tesla’s the stock that i’m invested in right, uh and trust me tesla and really just tech in general, like the overall market is down, and this is what i need all of you to understand. The entire market is down the entire market. There might […]