Dauntless 1.7.0 – Wild Thunder Hunt Pass, New Reward Cache, New Transmog Rumors

I go by the mr trails. Welcome to the channel. This video is one of two videos covering the dauntless 1.7.0 patch in this one we are going over. The wild thunder hunt pass the new items in the reward, cache and other cosmetic related items in the other video i go over the omni […]

Dauntless Wild Thunder Hunt Pass & Store Cosmetics

My name is dough, hope, you’re doing great. Today we have the wild thunder hunt pass i’ll, see what the name is when the game loads properly wild thunder i’m, not sure what i said this is the hunt pass we’re going over as far as the currencies goes, platinum rams and the uh the […]

Dauntless 1.7.0 – Omnicells, Heroic Escalation, Cell & Attack Speed Balancing

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